From Locale Magazine:

What is a typical CrossFit workout? Well they are ever changing day-to-day. “We always have different workouts called WOD or the Workout of the Day posted online, and there are five different versions. Members can create on their own,” Owner Carter Grant explains. “They can decrease or increase weight or repetitions depending on their skill level, and at the end of the workout, they can track their progress on the online leader board to see where they are ranking against fellow members.” They also compete in various CrossFit competitions; an example would be the Legendary Competitor Competition where CrossFit Newport Mesa took first, second and third for males and first in females among many other awards. The gym also is a huge supporter of Cystic Fibrosis and competes in Hike the Halo every year. This year, they clenched first place. CrossFit Newport Mesa also has a five-to-one coach-to-member ratio as safety is something that is extremely important to them. “Safety, scalability and community are the three most important things on my list as these are the foundation of this gym,” Carter firmly explains. “No one works out in this gym without a coach; that is something I am firm about. The last thing I want is one of the members to get hurt.” Another very important component to CrossFit Newport Mesa is community. “It’s the members’ gym; the members are the true owners here,” Carter proudly says about the members working out around him. It is clear that he is proud of not only the gym he has, but also the people he has around him. As he says this, the gym mascot, his black lab Ryatt, jumps by his side, which he gracefully lifts into his arms and gives a huge bear hug. It is obvious that there is a ton of love in this building along with the hard work and sweat that comes from this all-star workout.