Here at CrossFit Newport Mesa, we hold not only ourselves, but our athletes to a higher standard. Our expectations are simple, but form the foundation of our best-in-class CrossFit program.

Be respectful to your coaches: show up on time for class, dressed and ready to warm up; pay attention while your coach is talking; listen to and apply corrections given during workouts; have a positive and coachable attitude.

Be respectful to your fellow athletes: don’t talk while others are trying to listen; cheer each other on, helping the last to finish, finish strong; never do anything that common sense would tell you is a safety hazard to others.

Be respectful to your gym: help us keep the facility clean and enjoyable; spray and wipe your equipment when finished; put things back where you found them; don’t chew gum; make sure your trash makes it in the trash cans.

Be respectful to yourself: warm up with the class, work on mobility and stretching after class and outside of class; eat well; hydrate properly; do the workout completely and accurately; focus on your form; have fun; kick ass.